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The GCRF Translation Awards call will fund activities that aim to achieve outcomes that deliver impact. The call aims to enable research outputs of current or previous BBSRC-funded (or other research council-funded research activity that falls within BBSRC remit) to be further developed into practical application, which delivers benefit and impact in developing countries.

This call picks up where research grants leave off and enables research outputs to be further developed into practical application to deliver benefit and impact in developing countries. Applications must build on the outputs of recent or previous BBSRC-funded research activity, or build on a research council-funded research activity which falls within BBSRC remit.

The call is designed to be flexible, encouraging applicants to be innovative in their approach to accelerating the uptake of research by users through translational and knowledge exchange activities. At the end of the project, a route to application could include a licensing agreement with a third party, the development of a spin-out company or social enterprise.

Applications to this call should have a primary focus on the translation of research and/or knowledge, and the following are ineligible:

  • Projects focused solely on delivering training
  • Academics acting as consultants for commercial third parties
  • Projects which only involve/engage the academic community or between the research base and the general public
  • New research

All GCRF Translation Awards projects must involve project partners/users. These can be private, public or third sector organisations and institutions. Project partners should be engaged by the applicant in the co-creation of the project at the earliest possible point, defining the issues to be addressed, the project objectives, and the specification of outputs, ensuring value and utility to the users. Providing evidence to this effect is essential.

The call anticipates supporting 7-10 projects for up to a maximum cost of £80,000 (£64,000 BBSRC contribution at 80% full economic cost (fEC)) each, with a duration of up to 18 months (all projects from the first call will have a fixed end date, 30 September 2019).

Please read more and apply here.

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