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The Cambridge–Hamied Visiting Lecture Scheme was established in 2009 to stimulate exchange of ideas and academic collaboration between leading Indian institutions and the University of Cambridge. The scheme is named after Dr Yusuf Hamied, Chairman of Cipla Ltd, India, and alumnus of the Department of Chemistry and Christ's College, University of Cambridge.

This programme supports Cambridge scholars each year to visit India with a view to enhancing existing academic collaborations. As well as meeting with their Indian counterparts in key host institutions, participants will be able to visit organisations and research centres with which they share an interest. The scheme also supports Indian scholars each year to visit Cambridge to build on existing academic collaborations. This two-way exchange programme aims to enhance the experience of all participants, spread goodwill and mutually benefit the University of Cambridge and India.

Successful applicants will be expected to implement a travel programme of a minimum of 1–2 weeks in duration. The full cost of flights, transfers, accommodation and local travel are included in this scheme. Please note that there is a limit of one application per person per year. Each proposal will be reviewed in depth along with all applications. After the visit, a one-page report should accompany the expense claims that are submitted.

Principal Aims

  • To strengthen and deepen academic collaborations between Cambridge and India
  • To support research and associated activity that will be of practical benefit to India and the University of Cambridge
  • To stimulate and facilitate two-way mobility between Indian institutions and the University of Cambridge
  • Where feasible, to liaise with groups of alumni of the University of Cambridge in order to meet and to facilitate speaking engagements.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants are eligible for support from the Cambridge–Hamied Visiting Lecture Scheme Fund if they are:

  • Current academic staff at the University of Cambridge with active collaborations with Indian partners in areas of research that will be of practical benefit to India. Any application will need to be endorsed by the relevant Head of Department
  • Academics at Indian universities with an existing academic relationship with colleagues at the University of Cambridge. Any application will need to be supported by a member of staff/collaborator from Cambridge University and endorsed by the relevant Head of Department.

Applications should be made using the Cambridge-Hamied Visiting Lecture Scheme Application form. There are no set deadlines for applications.


To apply, or for questions regarding programme details and/or eligibility, please contact the Cambridge Strategic Partnerships Office - 

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