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Seed Funding Competition

Cambridge Global Challenges SRI (CGC) and Cambridge Global Food Security IRC (CGFS) wish to support interdisciplinary research addressing specific challenges relating to malnutrition in Official Development Assistance-target countries. The TIGR2ESS project in India, in which both CGFS and CGC are involved, and emerging CGC partnerships in Eastern and Southern Africa, have enabled the identification of specific malnutrition challenges.

Isaac Newton Trust has been awarded to run a seed-funding competition. Small grants of up to £3,000 will be available, on a competitive basis, to fund either travel or equipment to investigate early-stage ideas. The aims are i) to bring together new interdisciplinary teams of researchers who will work collaboratively, and ii) to develop new research ideas to the point where larger applications to established funding bodies are feasible, for continuation of the research on a larger scale.



A day-long workshop will facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue and promote the generation of collaborative research ideas. Only those attending the workshop will be eligible to apply for seed funding. The participation of early career researchers is encouraged.


Researchers from Bahir Dar University (Ethiopia), the Nabakrushna Choudhury Centre for Development Studies (India) and Banaras Hindu University (India) will present case studies representing three specific challenges to addressing malnutrition in developing countries. Through an interactive exercise, participants will form small groups to develop proof of concept projects to address these challenges. Single page summaries of these projects with proposals for the use of seed funding will be submitted at the end of the day. Proposals will be judged by an independent panel, and the best ones will be selected to receive funding. In addition, the development of promising ideas projects will be supported by the opportunity to present them at the Cambridge Global Food Security Symposium in April 2019.


Further information:

“Developing plans for global nutrition research” was one of the main recommendations of the 2017 Nutrition and Human Health Research Review – a report commissioned by the Office for Strategic Coordination of Health Research and led by the Medical Research Council in partnership with the National Institute for Health Research, which assessed the nutrition and human health research landscape in the UK. It is anticipated that the projects catalysed by this workshop will be eligible for upcoming funding calls that respond to this recommendation (recent calls: UK-Peru: Relationship between Food, Nutrition and HealthUK Nutrition Research Partnership Collaborative Awards, BBSRC/GCRF Food & nutrition research for health in the developing world: bioavailability & nutrient content).


This event is for Cambridge researchers and their collaborators.

Please register before 16th November. The event is free but places are limited.

Please contact Sara Serradas Duarte (, Cambridge Global Challenges SRI) or Jacqueline Garget (, Cambridge Global Food Security IRC) if you have any questions.

The programme was funded by the Isaac Newton Trust.


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