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Now, as the [African] continent prepares to face the new challenges posed by COVID-19, there is an urgency to (...) integrate social scientific research with epidemiological data, local involvement, and an understanding of the socio-cultural context.” 
Africa's Voices Foundation, Department of Politics and International Studies and Department of Computer Science and Technology, "Trusted two-way mass and individual health communications and rapid socio-epidemiological insights to support the COVID-19 Public Health response in Kenya"


COVID-19 continues to pose a threat to public health globally with high case rates in many cases, the continued emergence of new variants and inequality of vaccine access. Continued work is key to understand how COVID-19 has affected and continues to affect progress toward the sustainable development goals in ODA countries.

Researchers in Cambridge continue to address this through these ongoing projects.

If you would like to start a new project addressing COVID-19 or require support to advance an existing project, please contact us


More information

  • COVID-19 Research Project Tracker
    UKCDR & GloPID-R UKCDR and GloPID-R have developed a live database of funded research projects on COVID-19 that will help funders and researchers identify gaps and opportunities and inform future research investments or coordination needs. The tracker includes i) new research projects funded to date from the dataset sources, ii) heatmap of these projects against the research priorities set out in the WHO Coordinated Global Research Roadmap: 2019 Novel Coronavirus, March 2020, ii) interactive world map to search research projects by research location, funders and by WHO R&D priorities, iii) supporting information on funding calls and iv) links to other sources of information.
  • Cambridge-Africa highlights useful links related to the response to COVID-19 in Africa – sources of information, webinars and blogs – here
  • Cambridge Latin America research and implementation community
    Formed by 92 members, including 22% of PIs/UTOs and the representation of partnerships in 15+ countries and all six University of Cambridge Schools (registrations here). Cambridge Global Challenges and the Centre of Latin American Studies, which jointly convened the founding group, may be able to facilitate your work in the region. 


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