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Facilitated and advised by Cambridge Global Challenges and delivered by the Learning for Purpose – the Gates Cambridge professional development programme  these two sessions introduced design methodologies for co-created and iterative work and research.







From leader to co-creator, and beyond: your inclusive journey to positive impact in the world 

Chiara Treglia – Global Innovation Design, Royal College of Art

10  1​ pm

Positive impact is a journey, and the destination! In this workshop, participants will engage creatively on a range of topics (from leadership, to sustainability, inclusivity, ethics) in order to explore their personal positioning, in a world of increasingly complex societal challenges.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • Co-creating new meaning for leadership
  • Getting inspiration and learning tools to explore your personal positioning

With international training in design, Chiara has collaborated in different projects in the Netherlands, London, Tokyo and New York. With interests that range from social to sustainable innovation, transformative design and game design, participatory design is the methodology that unites her work around context-driven and life-centred design approaches.


Introduction to Human-Centred Innovation & Design Thinking: How to work collaboratively to scope out problems and bring meaningful, relevant solutions into the world led

Simon Pulman-Jones – Head of Innovation Consulting, GfK

2.15  5.15​ pm

This workshop will introduce you to the principles of Human-Centred Innovation, and Design Thinking: an easy to use toolkit that will enable you to work collaboratively with others in an efficient, iterative process to discover the most meaningful problems to solve and co-create relevant and effective solutions. The objectives of the workshop are:

  • Learn how to take a human-centred approach to applying your knowledge and skills in the world
  • Discover an iterative process and a set of templated activities to enable you to ‘work like a designer’

With expertise in Business Anthropology, Simon’s co-creation work for major global companies across all different sectors is informed by the inter-related fields of participatory design, human-centred design and design thinking.


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