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Focus of the visit: Design methodologies for needs-based research in the Southern African Development Community


About Shorn Molokwane

Shorn Molokwane has been involved in the practice, teaching and research in design – aesthetics, social innovation, user-centered design, service design and fashion and textiles  for 25 years. He is currently leading the direction of design, development and production of products and services at Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (BITRI).

With training in Design Thinking from Design Thinkers Academy (London) and MIT Sloan Executive Education, Shorn also runs transformation through Design Thinking. Shorn is an active member of the Design Thinkers Academy Network, and a regular collaborator at the Gaborone chapter of the Global Service Jam.

Shorn will be available to meet about the application of design methodologies for needs-based research in the Southern African Development Community on 28th November (AM and lunch time) and 29th November (all day).



Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (BITRI) is a parastatal under the Botswana Ministry of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology to conduct needs-based research and development in focused areas.

The Mandate of BITRI is to identify, develop and/or adapt appropriate technology solutions that provide sustainable innovative solutions through co-creation and collaboration in line with national priorities and needs of Batswana. 



Please contact the Programme Manager (Sara Serradas Duarte, if you would like to meet Shorn during his visit to Cambridge.

Please note that Shorn will also be presenting "Design Thinking to develop viable solutions to address the SDGs", a talk co-organised by Cambridge Global Challenges and the Johnian Entrepreneurs Club on 28th November 5-6pm. Please register here.

This edition of the GCC Global Visitor's Programme is funded by the Isaac Newton Trust. 


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