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International Development Research @ Cambridge

College Fund Provisions Eligibility Subject Requirements
Caius Phyllis Barclay-Smith Studentships PhD - University fees and maintenance allowance  Malawian candidates preferred None
Caius Darlington Studentships Masters - fees + maintenance Somali candidates preferred None
Christ's Yusuf Hamied Developing Countries Bursaries Up to £5,000 per annum Candidates from developing countries Science subjects
Churchill Gulbenkian-Yuval Cambridge PhD Studentship PhD - University fees and maintenance allowance  Non UK candidates None
Churchill Palestine studentship MPhil - Full studentship Palestinians resident in the West Bank, Gaza or East Jerusalem; are enrolled in a West Bank or East Jerusalem university; or are Israeli Palestinians; or hold identity documents issued by the Palestinian Authority. None
Churchill Southern African Studentship PhD Candidates from SADC member countries None
Corpus Christi Michael Sharpston Master’s Scholarship MPhil - Maintenance only a citizen of an African or Latin American country or a first-generation university student. Faculty of Economics or the Department of Politics and International Studies (including the Centre of African Studies, Centre of Development Studies, Centre of Latin American Studies, Centre of South Asian Studies, Centre for Gender Studies) or the Department of Land Economy
Corpus Christi The Zuloaga/Corpus Christi College Scholarship for Venezuelan Students PhD - University fees and maintenance Venezuelan candidates Science subjects
Darwin Vargas studentship PhD - University fees and maintenance Venezuelan candidates Medicine
Emma Benson & Carslaw £5,000-15,000 per annum Citizens from Commonwealth countries None
Girton Maria Luisa de Sanchez Scholarship £27,000 per annum Venezuelan candidates None
King's Quantedge-Cambridge Refugee Scholarship MPhil - University fees and maintenance Candidates with refugee status None
Magdelene Standard Bank Africa Chairman’s Scholarships MPhil - University fees and maintenance Candidates from the African continent MPhil in Advanced Computer Science, MPhil in Economics, MPhil in Education, MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development, MPhil in Finance, MPhil in Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence, and MPhil in Management
Magdelene Mandela Magdalene Scholarship for South Africa MPhil - University fees and maintenance Candidates from South Africa Subjects relevant to the development of South Africa
Magdelene Clutton-Brock Scholarship Up to £16,000 towards a Master's degree Zimbabwean students Emphasis on science, technology and other studies of special importance to Zimbabwe.
Magdelene Moorman Scholarship MPhil or PhD - University fees and maintenance, settling fee Candidates from the Caribbean, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. However, preference will normally be given to an applicant of one of the following categories of ethnicity: Black Caribbean; Mixed–White and Black Caribbean; Black African; Black Other. Humanities, but with a preference for candidates working in the areas of philosophy, philosophy of science, or the history of science
Magdelene Jardine Scholarship MPhil or PhD - University fees and maintenance South Asia inc. Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. None
Newnham Liang Developing Countries Graduate Shcolarship MPhil or PhD - variable amount Students from LICs/LMICs None
Newnham Margaret Anstee Scholarship MPhil or PhD Women students from the UK, and women students from the ‘global South’ (normally taken to mean countries on the OECD-DAC recipient list). Indigenous/First Nation applicants will also be considered eligible in some circumstances. Social/economic/international development
Newnham Menca de Leoni Scholarship MPhil or PhD - part scholarship Women students of Venezuelan nationality None
Newnham Margaret Anstee Fellowship Fellowship None Social/economic/international development
Queens' John Lawrence Studentship PhD - University fees and maintenance Candidates from Africa, Latin America and Asia None
Selwyn Silverstrand Scholarship for conservation leadership MPhil - University fees and maintenance Candidates from South East Asia encouraged MPhil in conservation leadership
Sidney Sussex Hanadi Jabado Up to £5,000 Female students from Lebanon MBA
St. Catherine's Tunku Abdul Rahman PhD or MPhil - University fees and maintenance Malaysian candidates African Studies; Archaeology and Anthropology; Architecture and History of Art; Asian and Middle Eastern Studies; Classics; Criminology; Development Studies; Divinity; Economics; Education; English; Geography; History; History and Philosophy of Science; Land Economy; Latin American Studies; Law; Modern and Medieval Languages; Music; Philosophy; Politics and International Studies (POLIS); and Sociology.
Trinity Arthington Davy Studentship Master's or PhD - Partial costs Tongan candidates Subjects contributing to the development of Tonga
Trinity Ramanujan Research Studentship Combined MaST & PhD - University fees, maintenance and travel Students from India Mathematics
Trinity Singhvi Trinity Scholarship Full fees and maintenance Candidates from India LLM
Wolfson Boyce Family Scholarship MPhil - University fees and partial maintenance normally resident in North America (including the Caribbean) and South America, and preference will be given to students from backgrounds underrepresented at postgraduate level in their field of study, in the first instance, to women and minority students. Preference be given to those who are pursuing an MPhil in Land Economy, or another course with a focus on the built environment, sustainability, and/or conservation. 
Wolfson Wolfson OCS Kenya Scholarship Master's - up to £40,000 Kenyan candidates None
Wolfson Wolfson College Scholarship for Women Entrepreneurs from Emerging Economies Master's - up to £25,000 Ordinarily resident and consider their home to be one of the countries that the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has defined as developing; and (b) are pursuing a full-time Masters course that is intended to prepare them to return to their home country and develop or improve business opportunities there None