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International Development Research @ Cambridge


The Cambridge Global Challenges (CGC) Strategic Research Initiative (SRI) is run by a group of SRI Leads and governed by a Steering Group of University of Cambridge senior academics and research facilitators and by an External Advisory Boards of leaders from different sectors in the Global South.

Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) Leads

Are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the SRI, developing strategic goals and driving them forward through the running of events and facilitation of collaborations between the University of Cambridge and the Global South. Meeting on a weekly basis to discuss which near-term activities are best placed to advance the long-term priorities of CGC.

External Advisory Board

Consists of experts from leading institutions in the Global South who provide insight and advice regarding the strategic priorities of CGC.

Their support ensures that the work done by CGC meets the core tenet of the SRI, which is to centre Global South driven agendas in all activities. The SRI leads meet with the board bi-annually to report ongoing activities and review strategy.

Steering Group

The Steering Group consists of Cambridge-based academics & institutional leaders who meet with the SRI Leads on a termly basis to review ongoing activities and future directions. The advice of the steering group facilitates understanding of the expertise which exists within Cambridge which may be of value to the Global South and provides a wide-ranging network for the SRI Leads.

Welcome to Cambridge Global Challenges

Cambridge Global Challenges is the Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) of the University of Cambridge that aims to enhance the contribution of its research towards addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, with a particular focus on the poorest half of the world’s population.


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