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The CRASSH Politics of Economics group brings different disciplinary angles together for a discussion of these aspects of the politics-economics relation, and their normative and epistemic consequences. For the next seminar on The Politics of Economics Bhaskar Vira (University of Cambridge) and James Vause (UNEP-WCMC) will discuss the "Politics of the Green Economy”.

How should economics be used to inform solutions to some of our most pressing global challenges like climate change? Some scholars argue that environmental problems are first and foremost ethical problems. Others argue that the scale of environmental problems (global and inter-generational) is much too large for the tools used by economists. Nonetheless, the economy is intimately connected to environmental degradation and economics as a discipline is widely used to design solutions.

Economics is and has always been a contested discipline. In light of this, how should it be used to best inform environmental governance? Can economics provide objective inputs into the environmental debate? If so, what do such inputs look like? How does economics shape our understanding of environmental problems and of possible solutions? This panel will discuss these and other questions relating to the use of economics in environmental governance.


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Tuesday, 15 May, 2018 - 00:00 to 13:40
Event location: 
SG1, Alison Richard building, University of Cambridge
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