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International Development Research @ Cambridge


The 2017 ASM will promote the latest advances in marine science, good governance and using sound science responsibly, and revisiting the vision: 'Clean, healthy, safe, productive, biologically diverse marine environments, managed to meet the needs of people and nature‘


E poster sessions and General science sessions – subject areas include, but are not limited to marine mammals, fisheries, noise, sediments, corals, technology, Arctic, food webs, modelling, decommissioning, MPAs, stressors, aquaculture, carbon, policy, MSP and much more!

Special sessions on MASTS Scottish Women in Marine Science; Marine Biogeochemistry; The Deep Sea; Maximising capabilities of volunteer observing systems; Safeguarding Scotland’s coasts and seas…. perspectives and visions; Circulation, dispersion and connectivity in Scottish Waters; Marine climate change impacts: 10 years of science-policy reporting, lessons learnt and future directions

Confirmed workshops - Decommissioning and Wreck Removal Workshop; Sustainable Aquaculture; BioTIME – how to interact with a biodiversity time series; MAREMAP – a marine environmental mapping network for the UK; Cumulative Effects of Multiple Stressors; Microplastics; EcoWatt 2050. Workshop details here:

Additional use of meeting space: EcoWatt meeting (Jon Side); Productive Seas Theme meeting (Jimmy Turnbull), Fisheries Science Forum meeting (Paul Fernandes); MASTS Brexit Symposium (David Paterson); Indian & South African Delegation (Shivani Sharma, FCO); International Salvage and Decommissioning Committee (Moya Crawford).

Plenary talks from 1) Kerry Howell, Plymouth University and 2) Matt Frost, MBA

Exhibition area and meeting spaces – space still available – contact    


Wednesday, 4 October, 2017 - 09:00 to Friday, 6 October, 2017 - 17:00
Event location: 
Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow

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