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International Development Research @ Cambridge


Annual award by the Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust to support a five-year programme of translational biomedical research.

Key points/focus

The work must involve research on patients. There must be a clear specification of the hypothesis based on pre-clinical experimental data supporting the rationale of the clinical study, arising from the applicant’s own work (not derivative of someone else’s observations). 


Candidates at UK medical schools and NHS organisations are eligible to apply, provided that they are able to demonstrate:

  • A track record in international cutting edge clinical translational research
  • Adequate infrastructure support
  • The commitment of internal resources for the synergy required.

Level of funding

At the discretion of the Trustees one Biomedical Research Award of up to £1.5 million is offered to support an original programme of translational biomedical research, extending for up to five years

Application Procedure

There is a two-stage application process running from July in the year preceding the Award to November in the year in which the Award is made

  1. A short preliminary submission leading to long-listing
  2. A full application leading to short-listing, followed by detailed discussions and a decision on the award of the grant.

Internal requirements

Candidates need to submit the completed to the at Cambridge University together with a letter of support from your Head of Department confirming that the project is supported by the Department (copying your School’s Office).


For further details please see the website of the Sir Jules Thorn Trust and download the Cambridge  application form.

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