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The challenge is to design and build an initial prototype of a dual-chamber, prefilled, single-dose injection device. These devices will be required in the global health space to enable simple, intuitive reconstitution and injection of drug products that require storage in the dry state (powder or cakes) in remote in-home settings.


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation invites proposals for an injection device design that meets the following use criteria:

  • Administration of measles-rubella vaccine in house-to-house campaigns by low skilled healthcare workers and
  • Self-administration of next-generation, long-acting, injectable contraceptives by patients, themselves, in a home or other non-clinical setting. The device should enable safe injection outside of traditional healthcare facilities

The prototype must meet minimum requirements for one of the two use cases outlined and ideally meet and exceed minimum requirements for both use cases.

The prototype must be:

  • Lightweight, rugged and compact for shipping, storing and use to be suitable for house-to-house campaigns in remote locations
  • Simple and intuitive to use for low-skilled healthcare workers and/or self-injection
  • Ensure accurate reconstitution and administration of freeze-dried or powdered drug or vaccine products to patients
  • Consist of materials that are compatible with a wide range of sterile injectables, including drugs, biologics and vaccines
  • Compatible with filling under aseptic conditions and capable of maintaining product sterility during storage, reconstitution and administration
  • Contain built-in safeguards to prevent reuse of the device, including the needle
  • Low-cost to manufacture and fill to enable wide spread adoption within the global health community.

Level of funding

3-5 awards will be made in January 2019 and range from $100K - $250K per award. 

The focus of the Request for Proposal will be on early research and creation of prototype devices for human factor study. This is intended to be a first phase of funding – successful prototypes may be further supported for user acceptance testing, pilot scale production, and further development.


For full details please see the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website.

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