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Applicants are invited from NGO, University, Research Institutes, Arts or Cultural Organisations, or Social Enterprises working in ODA countries to submit bids which will address how slavery is a core development challenge in sub-Saharan Africa via innovative approaches from the arts and humanities to deliver community-engaged antislavery work.

Call type

Collaborative academic networks; AHRC Network Plus call in collaboration with The Antislavery Knowledge Network of the University of Liverpool, University of Ghana, University of Nottingham and University of Hull.


The call invites applications relating to three overarching themes. 

  • ‘Voices for Freedom’
  • ‘Liberating Heritage’
  • ‘Picturing Emancipation’

Each is designed to encourage projects to develop innovative, interdisciplinary and rights-based challenges to slavery and related forms of exploitation (including child labour and forced marriage).

  • The first theme, ‘Voices for Freedom,’ will centre on narratives and the lived experience of slavery, calling for projects to imagine new and challenging ways to collect, record and archive testimony from individuals and communities in the area of focus.
  • ‘Liberating Heritage’ will call for projects that connect space, place and memory around slavery with contemporary human rights and development challenges.
  • ‘Picturing Emancipation’ will seek projects that utilise visual arts and photography to expose and reflect upon the experiences and legacies of slavery and efforts to resist and overcome its consequences. 


NGO, University, Research Institutes, Arts or Cultural Organisations, or Social Enterprises working in ODA countries.

Level of Funding

£5-13k on medium-sized grants, £30-100k on large grants for a mixed portfolio of up to 15 awards. Awards can be for between 6 and 18 months in duration and must begin by the end of 2018.


For full details please see the AHRC and Antislavery Knowledge Network websites.



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