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The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) invites proposals that remedy weaknesses in the health systems in poverty-related diseases (PRDs) endemic areas in sub-Saharan Africa which are detrimental to delivery and uptake of new or improved medical interventions.


Despite the abundant evidence on the safety and efficacy of available life-saving medical interventions, there is limited understanding of how to deliver these interventions effectively to populations that urgently need them.


The purpose of this collaborative call for proposals is to support actions that will facilitate the translation of research results of medical interventions into policies and practices for national health programmes in order to strengthen health systems.

Proposals addressing the following activities are particularly encouraged:

  • Development of methodological tools for the successful translation of research against PRDs into policies and practices for public health programmes. 
  • Optimising strategies for widespread adoption and institutionalisation of research results within public health systems. 
  • Successful adoption of one or more products coming out of previously-funded EDCTP grant(s) into national health policies.


A proposal will only be considered eligible if:

  • its content corresponds, wholly or in part, to the topic/contest description for which it is submitted
  • it complies with the eligibility conditions set out below, depending on the type of action:
    • At least one legal entity established in a Participating State or a sub-Saharan African country
    • Applications must include at least one legal entity in sub-Saharan African countries.

Level of funding

One award of maximum EUR 2.25 million for a project of up to 60 months duration.

Additional information

This is a multi-stage application process; please see the funder's website for further details on scope, eligibility and procedure.

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