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As the new academic year approaches, Cambridge Global Challenges prepares for its next three years of activity in partnership with colleagues in the Global South. We are delighted to welcome Professor Pauline Rose as Co-Director and look forward to continuing a interdisciplinary approach to international development research through our transition to the Department of Computer Science and Technology.


We are very pleased to announce that Professor Pauline Rose from the Faculty of Education will be joining Cambridge Global Challenges as Co-Director of CGC starting in October 2020.

Pauline’s work as Professor of International Education and Director of the REAL Centre (Research for Equitable Access and Learning) will be well known to you all. Pauline brings skills and experience that will be tremendously beneficial to the international development work of CGC, and we look forward very much to working with her in the development of the strategic agenda for 2020-2023. Welcome, Pauline!

I am excited to join Cambridge Global Challenges as Co-Director at this important time. CGC has a vital role to play in bringing together strengths across the University to contribute to an inter-disciplinary evidence-base informing the ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals in leaving no one behind. In the context of the current pandemic, it is evident more than ever that, without strong evidence to inform policy and practice, the lives and livelihoods of those in the poorest parts of the world are likely to be hit the most.” 
Professor Pauline Rose  

We are hugely indebted to Dr David Good, who is stepping down as Co-Director of CGC. We are all very grateful for his central role and many key contributions in establishing Cambridge Global Challenges. He has invested years of his time in guiding and mentoring us all – not to mention the many air miles, meetings, meals and conversations that have advanced such an ambitious enterprise.

We received the following words sent on behalf of the University Research Policy Committee, thanking David for his many contributions: "Throughout his career, David has contributed to the wider academic community through his service on a range of University-level committees (University Council, General Board to name only two). Most recently, he has co-Chaired the University's Strategic Research Initiative in Global Challenges, which has been instrumental in harnessing the community’s academic expertise to shape the University’s strategic response to research and funding opportunities in this fast-moving landscape. The Research Policy Committee (which funds the Initiative) noted in particular David's role in encouraging and disseminating collaborative working practices with in-country partners in the design of GCRF funded research to further their collective ambitions, and harness research for the greater good."

David himself writes: "I am delighted that Pauline is taking on my role as part of the team at CGC. Importantly she brings considerable experience of working on projects in sub-saharan Africa and the social science perspectives which are so important for the work of CGC. Having worked on this start-up for the last four years, handing over to someone like Pauline who can, with Alan & Sara, provide the strong and creative leadership to take the SRI  forward in the next stage of its development is very reassuring."

The Department of Computer Science and Technology have also provided the SRI with a warm welcome and has prepared this feature reflecting the existing work of CGC members there.

The "hand-over" at the start of the 2020/2021 academic year. Our very big thank you to David – and welcome, Pauline!

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Cambridge Global Challenges is the Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) of the University of Cambridge that aims to enhance the contribution of its research towards addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, with a particular focus on the poorest half of the world’s population.


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