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Back to the future: 5 lenses on the future of global development

last modified Nov 02, 2017 09:04 AM
Five years ago Homi Kharas and Andrew Rogerson looked at major trends and forces affecting the “aid industry” over the 2025 horizon. That horizon has arguably become even more uncertain. They revisit it in a new paper that asks which of the forces they analyzed have enduring power, which may turn out to be ephemeral, and what they missed... but may have lasting implications.

The five key areas that they identified are:

  • Fragility as the new development frontier
  • The shrinking size of the overall poverty gap
  • Cooperation of middle-income countries in tackling global challenges
  • Competitive engagement with China, and
  • Realistic expectations for private sector mobilisation in development spheres


A short analysis of each area is available with the source article here.

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