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Cancer in the Global South: Study highlights link between obesity and cancer in Brazil

last modified May 30, 2018 06:37 PM
The number of people suffering from cancers associated with obesity or overweight — such as breast, colon and prostate tumours — is expected to double in Brazil by 2025, up from just over 15,000 for every 470,000 new cases diagnosed in 2012.

These are the conclusions of a study, published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, which estimated the extent to which body mass index (BMI) is associated with cancer incidence in Brazil. The main conclusions are:

  • Overweight and obesity is associated with higher risk for 14 tumour types in Brazil
  • Cases of related cancers are expected to double to about 30,000 by 2025
  • At Higher risk are women and states with better access to ultra-processed foods.

Cancers linked to overweight and obesity are more frequent in Brazil’s richer and more developed states because they are at the forefront of a ‘nutritional transition’, the trend of adopting eating habits characteristic of Westernized countries.


The more detailed report by Rodrigo de Oliveira Andrade is available on SciDevNet.



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