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last modified Dec 06, 2017 06:29 PM
A guide drawing on a recent synthesis of research outputs focusing on children and young people from the ESRC-DFID Joint Fund for Poverty Alleviation highlights research that directly engaged young people, through peer research and participatory practice for example, or looked at the factors that enable (or indeed inhibit) their ability to influence what happens in their lives.

Traditionally, research on issues affecting children and young people has tended to focus more on younger children, (the under-fives and school age children) or vulnerable children (orphans, ‘street children’ or child labourers). Similarly, many research and policy narratives have focused on the problems that children face, without always recognising how their choices - their agency - and their creativity can help in making the best of challenging circumstances. 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer a chance to reflect children and young people’s concerns and to develop policy agendas that acknowledge youth-led mobilisation  around the issues that concern them. Increased policy attention is driving demand for research evidence particularly on issues affecting older adolescents and young people, and that can support their transition to adulthood.


For further details, please see the source article here and find the report here.

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