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International Development Research @ Cambridge

Read more at: Dr Sanjiv Sambandan

Dr Sanjiv Sambandan

Flexible electronics; Wearable electronics; Water; Energy harvesting; Department of Engineering; School of Technology

Read more at: Professor Ashwin Seshia

Professor Ashwin Seshia

MEMS; Sensors; Energy harvesting; Gravity imaging; Department of Engineering; School of Technology

Read more at: Dr Sohini Kar Narayan

Dr Sohini Kar Narayan

Energy harvesting; Nanogenerators; Off-grid power; Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy; School of Physical Sciences

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Cambridge Global Challenges is the Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) of the University of Cambridge that aims to enhance the contribution of its research towards addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, with a particular focus on the poorest half of the world’s population.


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