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The BA/Jisc Digital Research in the Humanities Grants are available to enable novel research through the application of new methods and tools to existing digital resources.

Call Type: General Award; individual

This new opportunity represents a partnership between the British Academy and Jisc, the UK higher, further education and skills sectors’ not for profit organisation for digital services and solutions.


To demonstrate how the use and re-use of existing resources such as digital collections and data sets has the capacity to generate new knowledge at the intersection of digital technologies and the humanities.

Successful applicants must identify and address specific humanities research questions and will be expected to state explicitly in their application the ways in which their use of digital resources will make a significant difference not only to knowledge and understanding of the material that is specifically the subject of the application, but also to wider understanding of how other projects might follow the examples being set through this programme.


Grants are available for established researchers, on a permanent contract (which may be part-time or full-time) or, if temporary, on a contract that will not end during the course of the grant, in any field of the humanities. Postgraduate students are not eligible to apply.

Level of Award

Up to £10,000

Special conditions

Three of the grants are available through Jisc funding and are earmarked specifically to support research that makes use of the digitised UK Medical Heritage Library (UKMHL) corpus.


For full details please visit the British Academy Website



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