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The International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) Science Award was established by the IPNI Board of Directors in 2006. Its purpose is to recognize and promote distinguished contributions by scientists involved with global ecological intensification as related to crop production.


Ecological intensification is defined as the development of high-yield crop production systems that protect soil and environmental quality and conserve natural resources. Characteristics of ecological intensification include yields achieving near potential top levels, high efficiency of nutrient use, and appropriate management of soil nutrient stocks and organic matter. The Award is to be presented each year to one agronomic scientist. The recipient receives a plaque and a monetary award of US$5,000.

The Criteria

A committee of noted international authorities (including past Award winners) will select the recipient of the Award on an annual basis. The Award recognizes outstanding achievements in research, extension, or education which focus on efficient and effective management of plant nutrients and their positive interaction in fully integrated crop production, enhancing yield potential, and/or improving crop quality. Such systems improve net returns, lower unit costs of production, and maintain or improve environmental quality. Private or public sector agronomists, crop scientists, soil scientists, and food scientists from all countries are eligible for nomination.

The Nomination

The format for preparation of nominations for the Award is attached here. Length of nomination should not exceed three pages plus the attached letters as described. Nomination length which exceeds that prescribed or does not include at least two supporting letters will automatically eliminate nominee from consideration. No self-nomination please. Size of pages should be the standard 8½ x 11-in. size used in the U.S. or A4 paper for international nominations. Nominations must be submitted in English. Completed nomination forms including all support letters must be received at IPNI headquarters by September 30, 2017 to be eligible. 

Please read more and submit nominations here.

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