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The Medical Research Council (MRC) and the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) invite proposals to the UK-São Paulo/Brazil Neglected Infectious Diseases Joint Centre Partnerships Initiative under the umbrella of the Newton Fund.

Call Type: collaborative, location-specific

This initiative will provide funding for high quality collaborative Joint Centre Partnerships focused on addressing Neglected Infectious Diseases in Brazil.


Proposals may focus on, but are not limited to, the following disease areas:

  • vector borne viruses including Dengue fever, Zika, Chikungunya, Yellow fever
  • rotaviruses
  • parasitic infections including Leishmaniasis, Filariasis, Chagas disease, Schistosomiasis, Helminth and Giardiasis
  • emerging viruses
  • water-borne diseases
  • neglected bacterial infections including Leprosy.

The funders welcome proposals across the full spectrum of research including, but not limited to:

  • basic, fundamental and exploratory research relevant to disease pathogens of immune response to infection
  • epidemiology, aetiology, determinants of transmission, severity of disease etc
  • human disease relevant vector control research
  • host pathogen response, development of protective immune responses
  • development of diagnostics, predictive biomarkers
  • development of novel preventatives, therapeutics and other interventions
  • public health, prevention and implementation research.


Research Organisations that are eligible to apply to the MRC, for example MRC Units and Institutes may apply to this call.

Funding level

MRC will make up to £3.5m available for this initiative, with matchfunding by FAPESP. The size of the grants will vary according to the needs of each centre partnership. We would not expect a centre partnership to request over £1.15m from the MRC.

Projects must be 3 years in length and start on or before 1 April 2019, and have completed by the end of March 2022.


For full details of this funding opportunity please see here.




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