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The Climate Science for Service Partnership (CSSP) Brazil is seeking submissions from UK researchers on the analysis of the processes and predictability of rainfall variability over Brazil in GCMs.

The ability of different modelling systems to represent the processes and drivers associated with sub-seasonal variations of rainfall over Brazil is of key interest to enable useful information to be gained from models on timescales from days to seasons to centuries. Sub-seasonal variations of rainfall in this region are known to be associated mainly with the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) and other equatorial waves, modulated by the seasonal variations of the North and South American monsoons, the Atlantic ITCZ and the South Atlantic Convergence Zone. However, the ability of models to represent the processes linking these dynamical modes with variations in rainfall intensity and location has not been established. In addition, the role of local interactions and feedbacks through the land surface and vegetation cover in modulating the rainfall variability at intraseasonal timescales is not well understood.  

Research is required into the representation of physical processes associated with rainfall patterns and intensities over Brazil in GCMs and how this affects a model’s ability to predict sub-seasonal variations. 

These grants offer £450,000 of funding to be applied between 1st April 2018 and 31st March 2020.

This opportunity is offered by the Newton Fund Weather and Climate Science for Service Partnership Programme, which comprises projects designed to build the basis for strengthening the resilience of vulnerable communities to weather and climate variability, supported by the UK government's Newton Fund. Please find other opportunities offered by the programme here.


Please find further details and apply here.


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