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This joint initiative between the Wellcome Trust (WT) and the Department for International Development (DIFD) supports social science researchers who want to develop new standardised ways to conduct research for epidemic preparedness and response.

The objective of this call is to support the most suitable proposal(s) to generate new innovative and systematic ways to conduct social science research in contexts of epidemic preparedness and response. The call will give priority to proposals that are practical, useable and implementable by those wanting to carry out social science research during an outbreak response and are designed to address key priority pathogens.

  • The development of standardised social science research protocols would aim to: Accelerate research to be carried out in the intra-epidemic period and during an outbreak response.
  • Create clear pathways for knowledge uptake by epidemic response teams
  • Underpin the development of future training for social science researchers in affected countries and support efforts to review epidemic-response standard operating procedures for better integration of social science research.
  • Gain ethical pre-approval in affected countries.

The expected outcomes are:

  • Co-developed standardised social science research protocols for diseases such as those listed in the WHO R&D Blueprint.
  • Integration of standardised social science research protocols in future epidemic control activities.
  • A research framework that can be incorporated in current and future training programmes designed for social scientists engaged in epidemic response research.

Level of funding: Up to £2 million is available to fund several awards

Duration of Funding: Up to 2 years

Applicants invited for full application will be required to attend an in-person workshop with key stakeholders on the 11th July 2018


For further information please see here.

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