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The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) has partnered with the Brazilian São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) to support food security, bioenergy, and biotechnology research in the UK and Brazil. This call is intended to facilitate collaboration between UK and Brazilian researchers, providing funds for travel and networking costs.

This call aims to promote the exchange of scientists and access to facilities and materials, as well as encouraging applications under the RCUK-FAPESP lead agency agreement. The overall goal of this programme is to enhance food security and bioenergy and industrial biotechnology research in the UK and Brazil.

The BBSRC and FAPESP are looking to support applications that will result in future collaborative research work, particularly those falling under the recently-announced Memorandum of Understanding (available below). The potential for including early-career researchers in the programme is also highly-valued. This opportunity is only open to current BBSRC research grant holders, but consortia of academics may apply under one lead investigator.

UK partners of successful applications can expect to receive up to £35 000 over the course of two years, while FAPESP will provide a similar amount to the Brazilian partners. Use of other funding sources is encouraged.


For further details on this funding call, please see the announcement here.

More information on the associated Memorandum of Understanding can be viewed here.

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